Rocket Pool Beta noob guide - Node on own hardware

OK, hi again class.. This article is going to be complemental to supersuccessful series of installing Rocketpool node on cheap VPS here:

Today let’s look at how to run Rocketpool beta node on a computer that neighbor’s kid dropped by the dumpster. Looks like Rocketpool stack runs on shitty computers as well, but let’s say we’d like some Core 2 duo as minimum, i5 (gen3+as someone in Discord confirmed Dell OptiPlex 7020 is just fine, that’s gen4 to be exact) optimal and 8G RAM (as my test node consumes ~7G or more), and don’t forget 240G or larger SSD with…

Rocket Pool Beta noob guide for Contabo (or any other) VPS - PART 2

This article is going to be follow up to previous: we have our server prepared, Rocketpool node stack running for some time, so Eth1 and Eth2 clients had hopefuly time to download blockchains.. So we log in back as regular user, admin in my case..

Back to work!

Now we have to initialize wallet for our node. So we run

rocketpool wallet init

We’re asked to insert password for this wallet. That should be some strong one again. I found out special characters aren’t supported (at least not all of them) so I stayed with letters and numbers, fair enough.

We obtain…

Rocket Pool Beta noob guide for Contabo (or any other) VPS - PART 1

First, I suck at writing articles.. Second, sorry for my english, I’m not a native speaker. Third, this article is for TOTAL NOOBS who want to participate in Rocket Pool Beta node operation, have Windows, never saw linux before.. And good thing should be supported :). On Discord channel I saw many people asking about running RP node in Amazon AWS, which in my opinion sucks (as this whole Amazon thing..). That mofo Bezo$ is rich enough and that thing is usury. Really, contabo[.]com which we use as example hosting, will give you similar config for year as AWS charges…



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